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Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th March 2022 full episode written update: Simar made the family happy


Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th March 2022 full episode written update: Simar made the family happy: Here we are with the written episode update of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” of 9 March 2022. The episode begins with Rajendra and Simar both of them are talking about installing cameras in the house, Simar says to him, ” Now I can plan the party without any tension. Meanwhile, a camera installer comes to tell her that camera has been installed. On the other side, Reema is dressed so well and she is happy to see cameras in the house. She goes crazy to see cameras in the house and walked like a model. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Vivaan comes there and he notices her after which he use to ask her whether she is this fond of cameras? Reema smiles at him and she acted like a model. Vivaan looks so happy to see her like this. Later Simar and Arav reach to meet Gajwndra and they are feeding him with a spoon as he isn’t able to be intake a portion of food on his own. Then Simar and Arav both thanked each other later. Then Simar tells Arav to give a message to his father and Arv feels so happy to hear this.


Arav is also helping her in giving massage to Gajendra.  Simar goes out and by mistake, a bowl of oil fell on the floor later Arv and Simar also fall and they are lost in the eyes of each other. This is the most romantic moment of tonight’s episode. Arav helps her to stand and then he asks her to help him too. Simar looks at him and gives her hand to him then Arav also gives his hand to her.

On another side, we will see that Reema is modeling in front of the camera. Arav and Vivaan notices her and they started to talk about her ambition. Later Reema also discusses the same with Simar. Then Simar tells her that you still have a chance to follow or pursue her dream. Remains stunned t hear this from her and asks her how is this possible.

Later we will see that the surprise planned by Simar for Gajendra is working. Gajendra gets up and he is so happy to see the surprise for him, meanwhile, Simar and Arav are noting him and they are so happy that they hold each other’s hand. Arav thanked her. Later everyone comes to his room and they use to be with his anniversary.,

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