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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 9th July 2021, Written Update, Geetanjali Devi Threatens Simar!


Grab the written episode update of your favorite drama “Sasural Simar Ka 2” of July 9, 2021. The episode begins with Baddi Maa is in anger when she gets to know that Vivaan likes Reema. She is in her room meanwhile her elder son comes to her and he tells her that Vivaan is helping her but thanks to god that we reach there ‘and stop him to do so. They also inform Baadi Maa that he isn’t even having food. Baadi Maa gets shocked, she says that let him do whatever he is doing.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

But we will not accept his demand at all. She says that “I must have to do something so that Vivaan can’t meet her. And she tells her son to inform Viaan that no one will be going to follow his demand. After this, she wonders how Simar’s family can do something like this to us. How they can be so clever and over smart. If my daughter will going to do something like this then I will be going to chock her neck.”


On the other hand, we will be going to see that Aditi goes to meet Karan in the cafe. And there Kran tells her his feelings. He confesses to her by holding her hands that he is falling in love with her. And it is difficult to live without her. Aditi remains stunned. Aditi also confesses other feelings to him and they both are happy to give a start to their relationship.

After we will go to see that TReema gets super angry with Simar and she use to push her out of the room. Then Araav says that Reema is behaving like a kid and she again will going to hurt my brother. Simar gets hurt with his words and she says that I can’t anything against my family so please stop the car here only. After this Baadi Maa threatens Simar by making her listen to the recording of her dad in which he confesses that he knows about the switch of the bride.  And she also tells her that “I will make sure to send you dad to jail.” The episode ends here.

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