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Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th August 2021 full episode written update: Simar Give Divorce to Aarav?


Here we are with the written episode update “Sasural Simar Ka 2” of 9 July 2021. The episode begins with Gagana goes to Simar’s house to giving them some important things to follow a ritual. But Baddi Maa creates a drama with him. She uses to insult him a lot. And this hurts Simar and Reema. She uses to cast to Arav and Vivan that “‘look you both have married to the worst girl one is a fraudster and another one is greedy.” These sisters are entering our mansion one by one.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

These are all planned by their father so that he gets money and make their girls married to our sons. After this, she uses to taunt Ganaag he enters our house by lying about bringing clothes. All they want is our money. He isn’t a guest, he is a goon who is here to steal our money. After this Simar and, Reema couldn’t control themselves. Reema I about to reply to Baadi Maa but her mother in law stops her.

Meanwhile, we will see that Simarf goes to Baadi Maa and say ‘this is too much you can’t talk to my brother like this as he is here to follow a ritual.” Then Simar’s mother-in-law comes there and she tells her to stop. After this, Geetanjali Devi asks her how she could like this, how she dare to talk in this way. Just after that, Gangan says, “Simar Di is telling you that our clothes are worthless in the same way you thinking and your own addicts are worse than our cheap clothes.

Whilst Arav and Vivaan stops Gagan not to talk to Baadi Maa in this tone. But he didn’t stop there and say, “Oswal family must-have huge walls and big house but your heart is so small. You have money only money but not a good heart. After this Vivaan’s dad slap Gagan. And everyone remains stunned to see this. Then Simar tells him you don’t have the right to talk to me like this to my brother. And Arav says that I call Gagan inside the house for tea.

Gajender yells at Arav and tells him not to support her and her brother. Meanwhile, Baadi Maa says that we must have to accept that both sons are married now. And she keeps on betraying Gagan. The episode ends here, watch the full episode on Colors and anytime on Voot select app.

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