Tonight’s episode will be going to take you on the roller coaster ride, yes you have read it right your favorite serial is “Sasural Simar Ka 2“. The viewers are going to see a turn-off episode with Aditi’s wedding. She is getting married to Mohit. In the previous episode, we have seen that Gagan denies getting married to Aditi as he doesn’t love her. Hence Aditi’s heart breaks so she accepted to get married to Mohit. So she was sitting quietly. The priest tells them to start Phera’s while they are at the 4th Phera’s.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sandhya comes and stops him. After which she slaps him hard and he is in shock about what going on here and why Sandhya alps him. Then she yells at him, “How you dare to hold the hand of my daughter?” Then  Arav comes to beat him and he says to home, “You are doing wrong, brother-in-law.” Then Vivaan also comes to him and corrects him by saying that Arav Bhai s the brother of Aditi so minds your tongue. Mohits dada also gets angry and he says s, “what’s going on here? Enough is Enough we are not going to tolerate it anymore.”

Sadhya comes forward and tells everyone about the behavior of Mohit with her. Lala Ji comes forward and he says to her, “who the hell are you to decide this.” Arav replies, “she is a mother of Aditi and she has a right to decide how you tell me who the hell are you to say so?” Lala Ji asks Geetanjali Devi, “what do you want now and I want to know about your decisions?”

Then Geetanjali Devi replies, “as I have chosen your son for my granddaughter, but now I’m with my family and Sandhya is Aditi’s mother what she has been decided I’m okay with it.” She further says that “I’m going to break this marriage right here, and right now so please you may leave from here.” Arav also asks him with respect to level from here with all the respect.

But Ran Ji is in anger and he taunts Geetanjali Devi that she must have faced revenge for it. Aditi’s dad also takes a stand for his family. But Mohit says that “I can’t let this happen like this. I will get married to her right here and right now. No one can stop me to do so.” And the episode ends here.


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