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Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th March 2022 full episode written update: Chitra and Griraj Plannings aginst Simar


Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th March 2022 full episode written update: Chitra and Griraj Plannings aginst Simar: Here we are with the written episode update of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” of 7 March 2022. As we all know that Simar s back to Oswal’s mention, but no one is treating her the way she deserves. Everyone is behaving rued to her there is no one in this house who is in her favor. So in tonight’s episode, we will see that things are completely against Simar and all this will b done by Chitra. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sasural Simar Ka 2

In the night episode, you guys will be going to see Chitra and Griraj are indulged in the throwing out SImar from the house thing. So they planned to throw egg peels in the dustbin after this Chitra calls Baadi n the kitchen and she blames Simar that, “Simar added eggs in the cake.”


Baadi Maa gets angry at Simar

Simar tries to defend herself and she proves herself by keeping the cake in front of the Goddess. Smadhay supported her by saying, “Simar can’t add egg as if the cake is consist of egg then Simar couldn’t keep it inside a temple,” Arav also comes there and he shows the list of the ingredients to Baadi Maa that, “he is the one who fetches all the ingredients for preparing the cake. After this Chitra thinks that things are getting back to her so she tried to finish it here only.

Later, Simar has a conversation with his uncle-in-law about the attack at Gajaender, they also remain at the doubt that there is someone in this house who is behind all these mishappenings. Her uncle-in-law also says to her that, “the same person is planning aginst you too as he or she might not want to see you in this house.” Then Simar replies that “I will not going to leave her until Papa will be fine.”

In the next phase, we will see that Vivaan and Reema plan a party for giving a surprise to Gajender and Sandhya. Everyone is so happy and excited to see the decoration and the surprise planned by Siamr., Reema, Arav, and Vivaan.

Meanwhile, we will see that Simar is missing Arav and his preference as well. Then she notices that Sandhya is happy and she is getting ready to attend the party. Simar asks Sandhya, “Do you know why I have baked Blueberry cake for Papa?” But Sandhya acted angrily at her. And the episode ends here.

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