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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 7th June 2021, Written Update, Devesh Bullies Simar!


In the new episode of the serial, you are going to see that Avinash is there and he is sitting in complete shock as you will be seeing Indu who is asking of Roma to bring her water as Gagan is asking of the guests to leave after which the guest went on to leave and then Reema is seeing getting angry on Simar as Roma is bringing water and then Avinash is seeing scolding Indu as she is not able to handle Simar as she replied to him that she was just singing there,

Sasural Simar Ka 2

And then Avinash tells her that she needs to be quiet and he further stated that she is doing a big mistake as she is supporting Simar in her wrong deeds, Simar is trying to talk to Reema but Reema is least interested to talk with her and she even tells her to not to touch her and told Simar that whatever is happening, she is the one who is responsible for everything as she further stated that she cannot seem to bare is she is happy and she further stated that if she doesn’t get married then she is going to and without completing her sentence, she left for her room as Gagan and Roma are running behind her,

And then Simar is seeing praying to mata rani to save this marriage and then Badi maa comes in and tells everyone that the marriage has been called off, And then Chitra is stating to badi maa that she should not jump on to conclusions without analyzing the situation as she further states that the name of the Oswal family is going to be completely ruined so she should give it a second thought, then Badi maa stated that she cannot care less about the family’s name and then Shobha is stating that Aarav’s life is going to get completely ruined is this happens,

And she further stated that no family is going to be agreeing to get married to him, If this marriage is going to be called off and Sandhya gets pretty upset after seeing the situation and then Simar is trying to convince badi maa to think again about what she is doing and then she stated that she is not going to ruin the life of Aarav as she doesn’t want him to get married to a wrong girl just because she has self respect to worry for and then she concluded by saying that this marriage is not going to happen no matter what.

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