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Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th July 2021 full episode written update: Reema Confesses Her Love For Vivan!


Today’s episode begins with Sandhya as she serves tea to everyone and they praise her for the tea but she reveals that the tea is made by Simar. Geetanjali Devis stops while drinking but Aarav drinks it. Aditi says to Simar that Aarav liked tea. Kajal receives a message with a video recording in which shown that Vivaan and Reema are together in a hotel room. Kajal feels disturbed seeing them together in the recording. In the hotel, Reema says to Vivaan that she doesn’t have any reason to live this life. She tells him that her family members abdicated her.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Vivaan tries to make her understand that she has reason to live life and that is her dream to become a big model. She says that what will she do to complete her dreams when there is no one to appreciate her. Vivaan asks her to think positively about her life and suggests that she should start her life from the beginning freshly. Gajender and Sandhya tell the helper to bring the gifts to Vivaan’s room. Geetanjali Devi gets angry when she notices the gifts sending by Guptaji. She says that they have enough money to buy things, they don’t need their gifts.



She asks if they forgot about the power of the Oswal family. On the other hand, Reema says to Vivaan that he very well knows how her family asked her to work hard but today she has no one by her side then how can she be able to forget everything and will start fresh in her life. Aarav notices Simar that how is she explaining to the worker their work and asking to work from the heart. Aditi sees Aarav noticing Simar. She teases him. Aarav question her where is she going. Aarav asks her some essentials for Simar as well. She agrees and leaves.

Later on, Aarav reaches Vivid Bharti’s radio station. He asks them for Simar’s job and they tell him that there is no post left on the radio station. Aarav asks her to try something so that Simar gets the job here. They ask him what is his relationship with Simar. Aarav says that she is his wife. Kajal comes to the hotel where Reema is staying and interrupts them while talking. Here, Aarav gets the job offer letter for Simar, he signs the letter as well. Aarav comes home and informs her about the job at the radio station. He tells her that there is no need to change herself for anyone. Watch the full episode of “Sasural Simar Ka” on Colors at 06:30 PM.

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