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Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th August 2021 written update: Simar Takes A Stand For Gagan!


Today’s episode begins with Aarav as he asks Gagan to have something before going from the Oswal house. He says that no one leaves without having anything from his house. Simar gets happy hearing Aarav and tells him that their parents also taught them the same thing. Reema also asks him to come. Aditi asks Gagan to have something then go. Aditi takes him inside the house holding his hand. Geetanjali sees them and gets angry as Aditi is holding Gagan’s hand so she yells at her and asks her to leave Gagan’s hand. She adds that she very well knows that the Narayan family has no dignity but what about Oswal’s dignity.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Aditi goes aside leaving his hand. Geetanjali scolds Gagan for entering the house. She insults him talking about his clothes. Aarav says to Geetanjali Devi that she is the one who taught them always to respect guests. She says that she taught them to respect guests, not intruders. Reema attempts to support Gagan but Chitra asks her not to interrupt Geetanjali Devi and says that she should control her emotion if she wants to stay in this house. Vivaan comes and supports Gagan saying that Gagan is a family member now as they are married to her sisters.

Then Geetanjali Devi says that what type of family they are, one girl is greedy and another one is a cheater. Simar comes there and says that Aarav asked Gagan to come inside then only he came otherwise he wouldn’t come. Gagan says to Geetanjali that she is a very small-hearted woman. Gajender slaps him which shocks everyone. After that, Aarav talks in Gagan’s favor so Gajender tells him that how is he behaving. Geetanjali Devi show exit to Gagan. Vivaan and Aarav support Gagan and says that Gajender did wrong.

Aditi goes behind Gagan and asks him for an apology from her family’s side. Meanwhile, Geetanjali Devi doubts Aditi and Gagan. Simar asks Gagan not to tell anything to the parents as they get worried. Gagan goes from there. After some time, Aarav and Vivaan try to calm Aditi after whatever happened today with Gagan. They share a group along with Simar and Reema. Reema feels jealous when Aarav and Simar come close to each other. Ahead, Simar asks Aarav to solve the problems between her and his family. Vivaan infoms Aarav about his and Reema’s relationship. Reema badmouths Simar to which Aarav gets angry and scolds her. Watch the upcoming episode of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” at 06:30 PM on Colors.

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