Sasural Simar Ka 2, 6th December 2021, Written Update, Reema tells the truth to Aarav: Here we are with the written episode update with “Sasural Simar Ka 2” of 6 December 2021. The episode begins with Smar and Arav are in a studio and they are in ager. As Samar tells Arav that “‘I and Simar are getting married.” After listening to this Arav loses his temper and he started to yell at the studio by saying that a”My Simar can’t do this. She is mine and I have trust in her.” And Samar is standing there he is smiling and Arav left from there and he is finding Simara. Follow More Update On

Sasural Simar Ka 2

But we will see that Simar is in Mandir and she is praying in front of God that “I’m not happy with whatever going on in my life. I love Arav Ji and can’t live without him. He is my everything and it is so difficult for me to accept someone else in my life or as my husband.” She further says that “I want to talk to him and have to share each and everything with him as I can’t live without him.” And Gagan is standing there he is overhearing each and everything which is Simar praying to God. She is getting so upset and just praying that “I only want to talk to Arav Ji.”

While on the other side Arav is trying to call Simar and but another phone is not reachable and he is getting so upset she is so impatient to talk to her. Later he reminds me that he can contact Gagan. After this, he tries a call to Gagan. But Gagan’s number is also not reachable and Arav Ji gets so impatient to meet Simar after this he left to meet her. On the other hand, we will see that Simar has to paper in her hand on which she wrote her choice and pray to god that “her answer is written in these parts and you have to show me away.”

Arav reaches Simar’s house and neighbors come to him and tell him that no one is at home they are pit. Arav got do upset and he also tried to call Simar but her phone is switched off, then he calls Reema and ask her about where her parents had gone? Later we will see that Simar gets an answer from god and there is a written Yes and Simar gets so happy after this she is going to meet Arav. And the episode ends here.


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