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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 4th September 2021, Written Update, Aarav’s Request To Yamini For Simar!


Here we are with a written episode update of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” the episode begins with Simar comes into the room and she sees Arav is sitting there and she tells him that “I’m so dumb and going to pack my bags as only 15 days are left.” When she started packing she says that I have nothing to take back from her as I hadn’t brought anything here.” But then she finds nothing to take back and says Arav Ji look how fool I’m. I’m packing your 0stuff n my bag.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Then Arav comes to hee and he drags her and says “I simar you have overheard me and Baadi Maa’s conversation.” There are tears in both eyes and then Simar asks Arav “does Baadi Maa likes a coffee made by me?” Arav replies that ‘if someone who hates coffee will also like the coffee made by you.” Then Simar tells him that I know Baadi Maa is so upset and she thinks that you will not go to do what she wants. But I know that you will do what she wants.

Arav tells her that Baadi Maa thinks that I ill going to fall in love with you. Then Simar replies that “I know it will never going to happen.” Then Simar tells him that we must need to do what our elders say and I will going to get hurt when I miss you all after going from here. Later we will see that Lalit and Room ayre are in a heated argument.  Roma tells her to do a jb as she can’t survive in this house like that. Go and find a job for yourself.

Lalit makes her understand that “he is a writer and he can’t do a job under someone as it’s not his cup of tea and she must understand this.” Then Pandit Ji comes there and he tells them that it will be the best day to start worshiping. After this Roma’s mother-in-law scold her allow and Roma feels really bad. Then Roma again tells Lalit to find a job for himself. Then we will see that Simar is preparing ladoos and she calls her mother to aks a recipe. Then her mother asks her to add Reema to the call. Meanwhile, her grandmother comes there and she asks her to pick up a call. But Reema cuts the call and the episode ends here.

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