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Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th June 2021 full episode written update: Reema In A Dilemma!


The episode begins with a Mehndi ceremony inside the house and everyone is busy in the preparation for the ceremony, meanwhile, we will see that Reema is sitting alone with the Mehndi book in her hands and she is searching for a best Mehndi design.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Then a lady comes to her and sits beside her that lady comes here with wrong intentions and she uses to fill Avni’s ear by praising her for her beauty and says that you must a model and enhance your beauty. Listening to such words from her Reema remains stunned and she even feels bad that she is unable to pursue or chase her dreams. After this Aravas mother tells her that “you don’t need to feel shy as Arav told me about your dream of Miss India and this is the proudest thing for me but sorry that you can’t chase your area now.”

Arav’s mother didn’t stop here she further added that “I know if you get a chance to chase your dream then no one can stop you to win the title as you have the ability to beat the others. You must try your luck and participants in the Miss India competition.” She even taints her by saying that there are numerous girls who are already causing their dreams and you must try for this. Well, I’m happy that you’re going to become a daughter in late of our house.”

The words of Arav’s mother host her a lot and Reema starts wondering about her dream and she keeps on thinking about what should she do now. She is going through numerous thoughts and stuck between her dream and family. Not only this we will also be going to witness that Reema alps Simar and ahs blames her that is trying to steal her fiance from her. While we have to see what will Reema’s next move? Does she choose carer or get married to Arav? Watch the full episode n Colors Tv.

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  1. reema thinks simar is trying to steal Aarav from her but technically she is the one who stole Aarav from simar and also reema and Aarav are not destined to be but vivaan and reema are destined to be but Aarav and simar are destined to be life partner in they will be life partner so as reema and vivaan will be life partner on the same wedding day but reema will go to miss india competition but she will come back late in which destiny and God wanted it that way so destiny brings the destined couple in marriage forever which is Aarav and simar and then vivaan and reema later in Aarav and vivaan grandmother Geetanjali devi knows already .she is just playing a smart game to see how the destined couples will marry which are Aarav and simar and then vivaan and reema which is the twist that will happen on the wedding day.


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