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Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th August 2021 full episode written update: Simar Loses Golden Opportunity!


The episode begins with Arav use to talk about Simar and his reaction. As everyone always uses to taunt them that they will gonna have a divorce soon. He tells Simar that “I’m fed up with the reactions of everyone for our relation. I don’t know whatever is going on is right or wrong? I can’t handle these confused emotions it is out of my box and I’m upset.”

Sasural Simar Ka 2

He further added one more line which touches Simar’s heart and that pis” like don’t know when we will going to become a stranger does it will be right or wrong.” He also says there if things were in my hand stan I will going to help your family and make Baadi Maa understand everything. But I’m helpless and things are out of my control and can’t do anything. Then he uses to hurt his hand. Simar keeps on requesting him t nit do this as he will get injured. Ans she gives him her promise them stop hurting himself.

Later we will see that she has been late t her recording and the manager of the studio used to make her feel regret. He taunts her that “you are the busiest singer of the music industry who is late.” She apologies to him for being late. But he is in danger and tells her that we have canceled your recording. Simar is trying her best to make the things sorted and take one more chance but he stuck to his words. Then he tells her that You have lost the opportunity. Meanwhile, Arav comes there and he overhears this.

He gets to know that Simar has the recording with the Agars’ biggest and most renowned singer Yanmini Devi. Then he goes to ask for her number and he uses to make calls to her. Somehow he manages to talk to her and fix a recording for Simar with her. Later he used to inform Simar and forms her about this. Simar feels special and she is thankful for him.

Arav is also happy to see the happiness on Simar’s face and he tells her that you have missed your recording due to me then it’s my duty to bring your dream to you. The episode tonight is going to be amazing so don’t forget to watch it on Colors Tv.

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