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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 3rd July 2021, Written Update, Simar And Aarav’s Sacred Vows!


The episode begins with everyone is sitting in the hall together and Simar ‘dada is also there. Then the lawyer uses to asks him whether he knows about whatever happened on the wedding night. Are you aware of the fact that your daughter Reema had been run out of the wedding and Simarwas in the bridal dress? Her father committed that he knows about everything.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

When Baadi Maa along with everyone has listened to him they all get shocked and remain stunned. Then a lawyer says to them that you keep my client in a dark which so rude of you and you make him great married to the wrong girl. Then Simar’s mother has tears in her eyes and she says that whatever happened is wrong but it isn’t mean we kept in dark as our intentions were this. But we were helpless and we must have to do this for the respect of both the families. After this law says that whatever you did to my client your entire family may get arrested for this.

Later her brother says that what the shots going on there. After this Baado Maa becomes angry and she use to says that I want you all to dace jail vas what you have done to us is completely wrong. Then both the boys tell her to not insult their families member as whatever happened we can ‘sit and talk politely. Things can b sorted by keeping calm also. Geetanjali becomes more aggressive and she says to Simar’s father that you have created a new business of selling your daughters. Then Simar’s mother tells Geetanjali to stop and doesn’t says a word against it.

They use to get involved in arguments. After this Geetamjali use to throw, money on Simar’s father, and this is the most disheartening insult to him. He and his entire family are broken. It will be interesting to see how Simar will going to react this when she gets to know that Geetanjali uses to behave like this to her father and family members. Watch the full episode on colors tv.

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