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Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th June 2021 full episode written update: Aarav To Leave The House With Simar!


The episode begins with Arav is upset and he is confused about how to do things and ‘what to do. Hence he goes to Baadi Maa and talks here about the Simar. He sits at her feet and says that “I know you are upset and not happy with whatever is going on in the family. But things aren’t in my hand and I can’t do anything but I promise you that after this I will do whatever you are wondering.”

Sasural Simar Ka 2

He further added that I have a plan he tells Baadi Maa that she only has to face Simar for one month after this I will going to divorce her. Anbbnd she will go out of this house forever. Baadi Maa says nothing and she leaves from there. On the other side, we will see that Simar is wondering the words of her sister. Reema taunts Simar that she is the only one who ruins her life She says that when I was taking that step you must stop her to do so. But instead of this, you got married to Arav. Simar is heartbroken and it is difficult for her to handle the anger of everyone.

We can see Arav is alos ues to balme her all teh time. On the other hand rest of the family members also hates her they don’t like her to stay at this house. But she is still giving her best and trying to sort things. Meanwhile, her sister-in-law enters the room and she fetches breakfast for Simar. But she notices that Simar is standing near a window and she is very much upset. Then she goes to her and talks to her. She tells her that things will get better soon. Reema’s father is in danger and he uses to scold her so much. Then he tells her to leave the house and never comes back. Meanwhile, everyone is stopping him to not to do so. He tells Reema to leave right now and if she comes back then she will going to see him die. The episode ends here.

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