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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 28th May 2021, Written Update, Reema Feels Bewildered


The episode begins with Arav is trying to fill Reema’s ear and he is pressurizing her to follow her dreams as life gives only one chance to everyone to chase their dreams. He tries to convince her to fulfill her dreams, he even tells her that she can get another boy to marry but can’t get another chance to chase her dreams.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

He keeps on insisting hers that Reema listened to him and can’t get married and sign on this form. Later Reema uses to think a lot and she finally gets ready to sign the form. She is about to sign the form but Simar comes to her and she tries to stop her. Simar asks her to nit to sign the form as it’s not the right decision she faces numerous problems after this. Later Reema is getting jealous and keeps on wondering how Simar is close to Arav and she goes to her, drags her, and tells her to not get involved in her matters.

Reema is so angry and she tells Simar to at away from her as she will not going to stop at any cost and will do whatever she wants. Other than this we will also be going to see Arav is trying to find out why Vivaan is so upset for the last few days and he asks Vaivvan about his tensions. Arava assumes that Viavan might be in life and this might be the only reason.

Not only this we all also going to see the biggest twist in the serial that Simar will be going to get married to Araav as Reema refuses to marry him hence Simar has to get married to him. Thus we will see that Viaan gets married to Reema and he even has feelings for her. On the other side, Badi Simar will be happy to see Simar as a daughter-in-law as she wants this. The serial is becoming more appealing day after day hence don’t forget t watch it on Colors Tv.

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