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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 27th May 2021, Written Episode Update, Aarav Apologises To Simar!


In the new episode of the series you are going to see Sandha and Indu and Sandhya congratulates her as she calls her Samdhan ji and then Indu is also seeing congratulating her after which Reema enters the scene and she takes the blessing of Badi maa and Sandhya, and then Aarav enters and he takes the blessings of Indu and Avinash as he goes on to touch their feet and then he looks at Simar as Simar is telling Indu to start up with the puja as she says that she is going to bring the flowers and then Badi Maa enters the scene as she states,

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Choti Simar is completely right and further states that they should start with the puja first, Simar is getting the flowers but she collides with Aarav while she was walking and carrying the flowers and then the plate just falls down and then romantic music starts playing in the background,┬áthen they keep on looking at each other and then Aarav says sorry to her and then Simar says that he doesn’t need to be sorry as she states that they have more of these flowers and then Aarav says that he is not saying sorry because of the flowers,

This sorry is for the earlier incident that he committed that day and he furthers stated that he is feeling disturbed because of what happened that day after which Simar that it is all fine and tells him to stop thinking about it too much and tells him to forget about what happened and she further stated that Reema and her use the same phone and that is the reason of all of the confusion that happened and then further stated that this confusion cannot be the reason to justify his mistakes and then further tells her to accept his apology and then she is about to leave,

After which Simar says that she can’t accept what he is giving her and then he says that if she doesn’t take what he offering her then he will consider that she hasn’t accepted his apology after which Simar is looking after them and then she smiles,┬áthen Aarav comes there and keeps the phone on the plate and then Pandit ji sees Reema and she is concentrating in puja at all and he tells her to concentrate on puja and further tells her to present him with the flowers of puja and she goes on to present him with the flowers and then she immediately goes on to ask Simar that what has Aarav said to her.

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