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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 26th October 2021, Written Update, Aarav REFUSES To Leave Simar


Sasural Simar Ka 2, 26th October 2021, Written Update, Aarav REFUSES To Leave Simar: We are here with the written episode update of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” on 26 October 2021. The episode begins with Lait and his wife are on the kitchen and by mistake, she pours veggies on her mother-in-law and after this, her mother-in-law gets angry at her. She use to yell at her and Roma tries to grip her. Then Divya tells her that “I will help Mumy Ji .” Then Lalit is on call and he seems so happy on call then Roma wonders that Lalit gets a confirmation for his job. Then Roam yells at her mother-in-law by saying, “you should shut up as your voice is so irritating.” Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sasural Simar Ka 2

On another side, Baadi Maa is discussing something important, and Gjneder us to ask for an apology in regard to Arav and Simar. But Baadi Maa tells him not to ask for the apology it’s fine they are innocent and let’s end this here only. Then she tells Arav to come with her as she has to decide something very important to him. After this, she tells Simar to get ready with the dress I have sent to your room. And then Arva and Baadi Maa leave to a room. Simar also goes back to her room t get ready. While they are going everyone is in shock.

We will also see that Baadi Maa gives her hand to Arva and then she walks forward by holding his hand. Arav and Simar are in shock to see this. Then Aditi asks her mom what is going on and why  Baadi Maa is behind so weird. Then Snadhay tells her “even I don’t know what’s going on in her mind.” Later Aditi comes to Simar and she tells her to wear a dress as it is sent by Baadi Maa for you.

On the other side, Baadi Maa gives attire to Arav and tells him to get ready. And then Simar and Arav both are confused about what’s going on there. Aditi on the other hand tells Siamr to be positive as there is something going to be so amazing. Then Aditi calls Arva and he tells her that “Baadi Maa gave me a groom’s dress and get ready as soon as possible.” Then Aditi also tells about Simar to Arav.  But everyone is confused and the episode ends here. Watch the full episode on Colors tv.

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