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Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th June 2021 full episode written update: Simar Returns Home!


In the new episode of the serial, you are going to see Sandhya as she is going towards the kitchen and she is telling the chef that she is going to be back after 2 minutes, and then she is seeing praying to Mata as she is praying that the food that is being seeded and made in the house should be delicious and she further prayed that her family should be satisfied forever, the new worker sees that Sandhya is preparing the food and the new worker asks her if she can help her out in preparing the food and then Sandhya is asking the chef that has he not told her that she prepares food for everyone that works here and then chef is telling her that she is new here and she will learn as time passes by.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sandhya is then thinking to herself that Simar must have been ready so she should go to her, Aarav enters the scene as he has come to Vivaan and then Chitra is thinking to herself that why is it that the elder brother has come to his younger brother this early in the morning and then Aarav tells him that he wants to tell him about something and then Vivaan also says that he also has something to say to him and then Aarav is asking him to say whatever is in his mind and then he stated that Reema is the girl which he has selected for the company’s campaign and then Aarav is telling him that there was a time when he used to like her and then Vivaan says that he has got it right as he stated that she is indeed the same girl.

he further stated that he even used to love her and then he further stated that he never had the guts to say this to him and then Aarav is completely shocked after hearing that and is asking him that why didn’t tell him before about this and then he stated that he was going to marry her so he kept quiet about that and then Aarav tells him that if you are not comfortable then we can stop discussing this and then stated that he sacrificed his love for the sake of him and then he stated that if he is going to do something like this again then he is going to beat him up for sure.

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