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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 26th July 2021, Written Update, Reema Flirts With Aarav!


Here we are with the written episode update of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” the episode is going to make you stunned. As we all going to see that Simar is going through a lot of issues. Reema goes to Arav and she uses to tell him that she still loves him. And can’t live without him. She even mentioned that “I know you have signed divorce ‘to Simar and ‘after one month you all going to leave her. “Then we will get married and I will also take a divorce to Vivaan.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Arav hugs shocked to listen to her and then she also tells him that “she doesn’t have feelings for Vivaan. Arav gets stunned to listen to her and he is feeling helpless. He is hurt to listen to this from her. Then he tells her to leave from there and ‘stay within her limits. He uses to frame her from her hand meanwhile Simae some their and she remains stunned to see this. Later we will see that Simar follows Reema “then she tells her that Arav still loves me.”

Then Simar also gets angry and replies to her that “I’m a Baadi bahu of this house and this is my duty to make understand that you must have to follow me.” She further added that you think everyone is a fool as when you want to chase your dream you make me wear your bridal attire and let me get married to Arava, Amnd now you are failed to cache your area,s so you are again trying t enter in Arav’s life. Everyone has feelings and you are just hurting everyone with your actions.


After we will witness that Simar use to drag Reema to go and tell the truth to Vivaan that she doesn’t love him. And she tries to act like that she will going to tell everything to Vivaan. But then she says “that Di wants to confess her feelings to you that she is so happy to get married to you.” Vivaan gets super happy to listen to this. Later we will see that Arav is trusted and hurt to know the truth.

Simar comes to him tells him to go and sleep. The next morning Arav gets a call from a radio station and he informs him that Simar has its recording today. So, send her here on time. And the episode ends here.

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