Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th November 2021 full episode written update: Simar To MARRY Samar?: Today’s episode starts with Samar who is telling Simar about Nisha. He says to her that he is telling her all this because she is not understanding what is the actual separation. He says to her that he doesn’t like to visit those places where he went with Nisha. He adds that he should fill her hairline with vermillion but he made ready her funeral. He says that she has Aarav and she can touch and feel him at least but he doesn’t have Nisha. Simar says sorry to him. He tells her that he believes in moving on in life. He also suggests the same thing to Simar. Follow More Update On

Sasural Simar Ka 2

He says to her that she has parents too but he doesn’t even have his parents as they have died. Simar sits. He gives her a phone and tells him to call Aarav and talk. He asks her to start a new beginning and leaves. Geetanjali Devi is watching a video of Simar and Aarav, meanwhile, she hears the car sound and rushes outside. She sees injured Aarav and shouts his name. She calls out the family members. Sandhya and Vivaan help her to entet the house. Here, Reema is waiting for the drama but then realizes nothing is happening.

Later, she goes to Badi Maa and asks her why didn’t she scold Aarav. She gets furious and reprimands Reema. She says that she only wants to break the family and rule the house. She says that she wants a house key and throws it in front of Reema. She says that she can only take keys like this but not respect them. She asks her to think about the family and focus on Simar’s wedding. She asks her to take the keys and go. Later, the doctor comes home and treats Aarav who is asking Vivaan to call Simar. Sandhya tells the doctor to give him an injection for sleeping.

Aarav stops the doctor and asks him not to inject him. Aarav says sorry to Geetanjali Devi stating that he doesn’t want to hurt them. He sleeps while talking. Sandhya asks Geetanjali Devi to let Aarav stay in the house. He is broken slowly. Geetanjali Devi says that she wants Aarav’s good. She says that she is his Badi Maa. Vivaan stops them and says that Aarav needs rest in this condition. The next day, Simar wakes up. Sandhya consoles Aarav and asks him to stop all this. Do not forget to watch the episode of “Simar Sasural Ka 2” on Colors at 06:30 pm.


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