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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 24th November 2021, Written Update, Aarav able to speak his feelings to Simar


Sasural Simar Ka 2, 24th November 2021, Written Update, Aarav able to speak his feelings to Simar: Here we are with the written episode update of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” of 24 November 2021. The episode begins with Simar and Arav both being seen spending quality time together. Arav is about to leave from there but then Simar asks him whether he will not go to have food with her? Then Arav sits with her and they both share a portion of food on the same plate. Both of them are so happy with each other. Meanwhile, Arav mistakenly takes the name of Smar and then he uses it to cover his words. And ask about hi to Sijar. She tells him that “he is a music composer and also asked me to sing in his album. But I’m not interested at all.” Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Arva tells her to think about this as this is her dream which is going to be true so she must say yes to Samar. Then Simar agrees with him and she also tells him that she will definitely think about it. On the other side, we will see that Vivaan is searching for his cell phone but he isn’t getting it. Then we will see that Reema tells him “, he might have forgotten his cell phone at her home. So she will call Gagan to bring it by tomorrow.”

Then he use to sit at the chair and open her phone in which we will see that she is watching Arav and Simar spending time together. And this is due to her clever mind. She sets Vivaan’s phone at the Sinar’s room and then connected her phone to his phone through which she is able to record them. Reema is getting jealous and she is also ready to take revenge on both. She is burning in the revenge fire and her plan is to show their video to Baadi Maa so that she can separate Arav and Simar.

After this, we will see that Arav sleeps in Simar’s lap and he is so happy to be taking a nap in her lap. Meanwhile, a cat comes there and they get afraid whether someone to see them. But no one is there and they use to laugh. On the side, Sandhya and Aditi are getting tense that Arav still has not come back and they are also worrying whether Baadi Maa didn’t get to know that he isn’t at home. The episode ends here.

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