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Sasural Simar Ka 2 23 June 2021 full episode written update, Simar Justifies Her Decision!


Hello, viewers, we have brought you the written episode update of your favorite serial “Sasural Simar Ka 2” of 23 June 2021. The episode begins with a twist that brings a shock for Simar and she will be seen facing rudeness and cruelty by the Arav. She has been going through a tough time and she uses to take the biggest decision which later makes Arav and Badi Siamr feel regarding. In tonight’s episode, we will go to see how Arav is sharing his thoughts with Badi Simar.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

He says to her that “I might be strong and face anything but I can’t see my family facing numerous issues in their life due to me.” He further added that Badi Maa is such a nice and kind-hearted soul that she forgives Simar’s family as what they have done to us is cheating and unacceptable. Still, Badi Maa forgives them. Then Arav says “but I will nit ging forgive them and even Simar she cheated us.” After this Badi simmer says that Simar is innocent and she was also not ready for this but I was the only one who forced her to get married to you.

And all this happened because Reema dines to get married to you, she runs away from there so that she can pursue her dream. Ans Simar was the only one who can save the respect of our family. He further added that don’t let Simar face any issues as she did all these things because of me and I want you to go and bring back her home. Arava gets ready for this and he says that I will bring her back but it isn’t easy for me to forget all these things. Later we will see that Simar is outside the house and she is upset and hurt as well.

On the other hand, Simar tells Arava that you both are married and you can’t ignore that she is your wife now. Henec you must go to save her and bring back her home. Then Arav tells Badi Simar that “I will go to bring back her here with me as I can’t see you like this.” Simar also says that Simar is just like you as you both can do anything for the happiness of your family. Now it will be going to be interesting to see what Arav will do next. Watch the full episode on colors tv.

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