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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 22 May 2021, Written Update, Simar Is Perturbed!


In the new episode of the serail, you are going to see Badi Maa who is trying to explain to Indu and Avinash that the situation is all fine and all of the misunderstandings are cleared for good and then tells them that we all should opt for a fresh start. Chitra is thinking to herself that the situation has no end to it but having a fresh start is still possible.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Badi Maa states that her son’s marriage is going to happen with the second daughter of Avinash and further asks her that does she have any problem with what she has stated to which Avinash replied that they don’t have the kind of money they acquire but they are rich when it comes to providing good deeds and lessons to their family and the same goes for our daughter after which Badi Maa stated that this is all that she wants from a girl and she and her family doesn’t require anything else.

Then Badi Maa asks Aarav to touch her feet and take the blessings from her and then she asks him if he has any question regarding what is being decided right now and he states that how can he have a question when her blessings are with him as he states that she must have decided the best thing for him and he knows that whatever she decides for him is going to be the best for him.

In the next scene, you are going to see Reema and Simar as Simar is trying to stop Reema from going out with the bag that she was leaving with to which she replied that she did go to the place but she further stated that it was not her mistake though after which she stated that she has been close to her since their childhood but she never could have guessed that her picture would come to her.

In such a manner and she stated she thought that she is pretty innocent but she has been the complete opposite of that to which Simar replied that she will never do that and then Reema stated that if she is thinking that she is going to dance for the baraatis then she has lost her touch with reality as that is not going to happen at all and then she further accuses her of snatching away her husband from her and then the situation got really tense between them and they decided to not to talk to each other ever again.

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