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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 21 May 2021 Written Update: Simar Refuses To Marry with Aarav!


The episode commences with Chote Simar as she makes coffee for Reema so that she could relax. She takes Coffee to her but she refuses it. Simar feels bad. Indu and Avinash ask Simar to take care of the house as they both are going out for some work. Giriraj and Chitra go to meet Gupta. They offer to him to get her daughter married to Vivaan. Guptaji says to them that he will get her daughter to marry Vivaan but on one condition if Chitra can make accept Vivaan as Geetanjali’s heir.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

After that, Indu and Avinash reach Shobha and Manoj’s place to talk to them about Aarav and Simar. They say to them that Simar is their younger daughter so they don’t want to get her married first. They say that they want to talk to Geetanjali about it. After hearing this, Shobha starts taunting him and says if Aarav and Simar not married then if she will also break Reema’s relation. Indu asks Manoj if he can take them to Geetanjali’s house. He agrees. Vivaan proposes Reema giving her a rose. He asks her to think about their relationship.

Choti Simar reaches Geetanjali’s house and meets Badi Simar there. She tells her everything to her about what is going on. Badi Simar gets amuse to hear her as she tells the whole truth to her. She asks her to tell everything to Geetanjali Devi. She takes her to the house. While going inside the house, Choti Simar’s footsteps print on the floor. She goes to take blessing from goddess seeing Mata Rani there. Badi Simar notices that Mata Rani gives her blessing to Choti Simar by giving her garland. She also sees footprint of her. She thinks Choti Simar will become the Bahu of the Oswal family.

Choti Simar and Geetanjali meet each other. Aarav also joins them. After that, she tells everything to Geetanjali. First, she gets angry. She asks if Aarav knows that. He says he didn’t know about that. Aarav says sorry to her for the misunderstanding. Choti Simar also says sorry to her. She didn’t have any idea about her thoughts and goes from there. Later, Avinash and Indu also reach there and says whatever they want to say to her. Geetanjali announces that Aarav will get married to Reema, not Simar. Episode ends.

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