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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 21 August 2021, Written Episode Update, Reema Makes A Taunting Remark Against Simar & Aarav’s Relationship!


Today’s episode begins with Simar and Aarav as they both are in a dark place alone. Simar tells him that she will fix the place in some time. Sandhya makes a call to Gajender who yells at her when she asks him about Aditi. He tells him that he will tell himself whenever get to know her. Aarav asks her to change her clothes as she got wet completely. He covers himself with a bedsheet and his clothes give to her to change. Simar feels awkward but then wears it. She asks him how will they be able to reach the resort.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Aarav says to her that he knows that she must be hungry but they can’t do anything. He lights the fire to feel warm. He says that they have to wait till the weather gets better. They both drink warm. He assures her that they will leave for the resort in the morning. Here, Vivaan notices Sandhya who is sitting alone with a sad face. He wants to cheer her up. He consoles her saying that everything will be fine soon. She shares his childhood memories. Indu calls Vivaan and talks to Sandhya. She says sorry to her but she asks her not to and prays for the well-being of their children.

Simar and Aarav are sitting near the fire and feeling warm. Simar hugs Aarav hearing thunder’s voice. Aarav asks her not to worry as they will reach the resort for sure. They both sleep together. In the morning, Simar wakes to hear Aarav’s phone ring. She gets happy thinking that the network has back. She then gets his phone and notices the network has gone. She sees Aarav with love. Geetanjali Devi yells at the police officers saying that it has been a day since her grandaughter is missing and they haven’t search her yet.  The police tell her that they learned about her location.

They ask her to leave fast. Here, Aarav awakes and doesn’t find Simar and his shoes. He goes to see her and finds her struggling to get the network. He lifts her to help her but she feels awkward and asks him to get her down. Aarav gets the signals in his mobile and calls the mechanic immediately. Simar says sorry to him as she wore his shoes. Simar says to him that she slept last night very well.

Aarav says the same. Aarav says to her that he has become her addict. They both leave the place. Vivaan gets to know that Aditi’s location has been found so he tells Aarav the same over the call. Aarav tells Simar that they have to reach there before Geetanjali Devi. Don’t forget to catch the full episode of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” on Colors at 06:30 PM.

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