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Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Aarav Agree About Geetanjali’s Decision


The episode begins with Aarav is still in guilt and goes to Badi Maa for the apologies. Badi Maa tells him that I can u understand that you are guilty and I have to forgive you, I hope you will never going to repeat this mistake ever again. Later she tells him that “I have found a girl for you.” Aarav is to her in between and says I don’t wanna know the name of any girl as I’m okay with your choice, will accept her with all my heart.”

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Simar also gets happy when she gets to know this and Baadi Maa blesses him a lot. Reema uses to tells Roma about Aaarv that he is in love with her and will never going to marry Simar. While Roma tells her that Aaarv will listen to what Badi Maa tells him to do and he will marry Badi Maa’s choice and you can’t do anything and if Badi Maa wants Simmy to become Aarav’s wife then she has to get married to him no one can stop this. Roma tries to clear Reema that Simmy is the only girl who gets married to Aarav as her destiny is fixed with him.

Reema gets sad listening to these things and becomes upset as ahs don’t want to lose Aarav. Then Reema uses to get jealous hence she calls Aarav but he isn’t picking up her calls and ignoring them. This makes Reema more tensed and upset. Later we will see that Simar uses to tell everything about Aarabv and Reema to Badi Simar. Simar exclaims how it is a misunderstanding and she doesn’t want to come between Aarav and Reema.

Whereas Badi Simar wants to see Simar as her daughter-in-law because she is well mannered, decent, and such an innocent girl who will definitely handle things after marriage. While she still tries her best for Simar and Aarav’s wedding. On the other hand, Aarav is going to get a shock as Simar will going to announce that she can’t marry him. Later Geetanjli use to get angry at Simar and she exclaims to Geetanjli how this happened and this was a misunderstanding. Things have become complicated and the episodes end where. Watch the full episode on colors tv. Stay glued to us for written updates.

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