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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 19th August 2021, Written Update, Aarav calls Gagan’s Love Fake!


Here we are with the written episode update of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” of 19 August 2021. The episode begins with Siamr is requesting her brother to ask for an apology from Geetanjali Devi and Arav Ji. But Gagan denies doing so and he says that “we will never going to do this as they have been hurt us a lot.” Later police reach there in search of Gagan and Aditi. Then Arav stops his dad not to do anything against Gagan but Geetanjali Devi corms there and she uses to say that “I will definitely going to punish Gagan.”

Sasural Simar Ka 2

But Arav sta to her “first she must need to shoot me then only she can enter in this room.” His dad also tells him not to support Gagan. After this, his dad tells him to leave his way and then Arav has to follow what his dad tells him to do. On the other side, we will be going to see that Aditi is also fighting the police so that she can go and save Gagan from her family.

Then Gagan says to Simar that “I can’t do what you are asking me to do but I have something for  you and he use to give her, his chains.” He further asks Simar to give him a blessing and then Simar say him to do what she has been saying him to do. Then Arav comes there and he used to request everyone to not kill Gagan by saying “that killing is the biggest crime and my family can’t do this crime with anyone.” Geetanjali Devu says that “we will not be going to leave him as he uses to be ruined our reputation by getting married to Aditi.” Later they entered a room and started firing, Simar, Aditi, and Arav three remain shocked and they think that they have been shot by Gagan.

But Gagan wasn’t in a room as he has been run out from there. Then Simar goes to her and she finds out that Gagan isn’t in a room. On the other hand, we will see that Yamini’s manager is helping him to run from there. Bur Vuavan’s dad notices him and tells everyone that someone is helping him. Whereas Aditi completely vanishes and keeps on praying for the safety of Gagan. And the episode ends here. So to grab the detail of the upcoming episode bookmark our site.

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