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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 17th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Simar’S Valediction’S Ritual Begins!


Today’s episode begins with Vivaan as he takes Reema to the room. He tries to get her in the senses and asks her to open her eyes. He asks her to tell the truth as he can’t believe that his mom did all this. Here, Panditji tells Aarav to fill Choti Simar’s hairline with vermillion. Simar feels worried. Aditi asks Pandit to explain the importance of vermillion. Panditji explains everything. Then Aarav holds Sindoor’s box and coin and fills Simar’s hairline. While filling her hairline, Aarav doesn’t look at her. After that, Aarav makes her wear Mangalsutra. Then the priest says that the marriage is complete.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Everybody wishes them and Choti Simar is crying. Aarav and Choti Simar go to take blessing from the elders. When Simar goes to take Chitra’s blessings, she tries to see her face but Aarav stops her. After that, they go to Indu to take blessings, she asks her to stop her singing. Simar cries loud hugging Avinash. Panditji tells them to perform the last ritual. While performing the ritual, Choti Simar recalls the time which she shared with her family. She gets very emotional. Then Aditi asks Simar to sit in the car. Aarav closes the car’s door. Aarav touches her hand in the car.

On the other hand, Chitra makes a call to Devesh and says that he destroyed all her plans. He tells her that he did everything as she said. He says that she asked him to not let Reema bride and he does the same. He adds that he has no idea about the bride who got married there but she was not Reema for sure. He also tells her that her son Vivaan beat him badly. Reema wonders then who is the bride of Aarav? She decides to find out about the bride.

Here, Vivaan is trying to get Reema in her senses. He asks her why she did this. Vivan also thinks about the bride and says if Reema is here with him who is in the Mandap. He makes a call to Aarav but he didn’t receive it. He rushes to tell him the truth. Badi Simar is about to go with Aarav and Simar but Aditi says that she will go with them. While going, Simar’s family asks Badi Simar to look after Simar as whatever she told them to do, they do the same. Chitra hears their conversation and learns about the bride. Don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” on Colors at 06:30 PM.

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  1. Whatever happened was destined by God because it was meant to be because Aarav and choti simar were destined for each other right from the beginning of the series and also because they are lead characters in the series and also reema was never destined to be with Aarav because she is the 2nd lead character and not the main female lead character which is choti simar her sister so now reema as to competely stay away from her sister marriage and then focus on her marriage that she will have with vivaan later because now her sister choti simar is the eldest daughter in law of the oswal family now she wouldn’t want to loose the luxury that she will get so she will end up making up a lie to completely trapped you to marry you vivaan so vivaan your mother didn’t do anything to hurt your brother but instead she saved him from marrying someone who doesn’t care about anyone but herself and who also betrayed her own sister choti simar and Aarav his family and her parents so she is not worthy at all


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