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Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th June 2021 full episode written update: Simar Cries For Reema!


Good afternoon readers, hope you all are doing good and ready to know the next written update of the upcoming episode of “Sasural Simar Ka 2”. In today’s episode of 15th June 2021, the viewers will see another high voltage drama that is currently portraying in the Oswal Family. As the viewers already watched in the previous that Choti Simar is the new Bahu of the Oswal family and the family is strictly against her living in the house as Aarav was supposed to marry Reema but due to the stupidity of Reema he ends up married to Choti Simar and Oswal family is unaware with it and the moment they get to know that behind the veil Choti Simar is there instead of Reema they outburst with a fit of anger.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

They asked Choti Simar to leave the house immediately but Badi Simar takes her side and takes all the blame on herself. Let’s see what new we will see today, the episode begins with Choti Simar that everyone in the family leaves her alone in the house, and she is crying in the hall. Badi Simar goes near to her and says you know the same thing has happened with me when I came to this house and many I too was not accepted by many people or they also told me to leave this house.

Badi Simar explains to Choti Simar that you have to win these relationships, with your talent, you have to win the hearts of all the people with your love and make them feel that you are absolutely perfect for this family. Badi Simar says I have faith in you, you will definitely be able to do this and you will win the hearts of the people of this house. On the other side, Choti Simar is saying how this is going to happen as it is not that much easy as it sounds.

Badi Simar says I know it’s not easy but it is not impossible either and when we go to battle, we should think that we will come back after winning. On the other side, Aarav is in his room and throw his garland and very much angry at Choti Simar and says I have been deceived a lot but I will not leave even a Choti Simar if he feels that he will come into my life by getting married so she is taking it wrong. The episode ends here we will see tomorrow what next is going to happen till then watch this episode of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” on the colors channel at 6:30 PM.

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