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Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Simar Turns The Tables!


As we promised on Saturday that we will back on Monday with the further update of the serial “Sasural Simar ka 2”. So here we are with the new written update of 14th June 2021. As the viewers watched in the last weekend episode, that instead of Reema, Choti Simar gets married to Aarav without the information of the Oswal family and they feel cheated when they get to know that Choti Simar is their new Bahu and in this anger, Mataji says they will not accept her as Bahu. Though, Badi Simar already knows this and says to Choti Simar that she is happy and knows that you will be a good companion for Aarav and for this family.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

On the other side, Aarav’s anger is on seven clouds and he insulted her a lot and decides to take revenge. Let’s see what next is going to happen, in today’s episode Reema reaches her home and her family is very much angry with her and says why have you come here just go away from here. Reema asks her for an apology and says Sorry Papa just for forgive, I know I made a huge mistake. Reema’s father leaves that place and did not forgive her.

Reema gets to know that Aarav is married to Choti simar and she gets very much angry with Simar and then she gets irritated with her own younger sister. Reema says you did not do the right thing and from the first day you like Aarav and finally, you snatch her from my hands. On the other side, Aarav is shouting at Simar and says finally you showed your instincts. The way you said on that day your instincts finally come in front of me.

You cheated me so much to get marry me, I was told that I will marry Reema and end up with marry you. What is this can you explain to me? Suddenly Mata Ji addresses politely to media and says just be aware that reporters will not get to know that something wrong has happened in this marriage. Choti Simar’s photo gets printed in the newspaper and it is written, see the photo of New Bahu of Oswal Family and everyone starts praising her.

On the other side, Mataji says we will not accept her in this house and ask Badi Simar to throw her out but Simar refuses it and says I can not do this as she is my responsibility. Badi Simar further says I have promised her family that I will take care of her and then she takes all the blames on her. The episode ends here. Watch this astonishing episode on the colors channel at 6:30 PM and be with us for more upcoming updates.

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  1. For heaven sake Aarav and his family you should be very lucky and grateful that you have a caring and selfless person like choti simar as your wife and family daughter in law unlike her sister reema who doesn’t care about anyone but herself and also if you want to blame someone you should blame reema because she lied to you and your family because if she wanted to marry you Aarav why did she run away from her own wedding and then she dressed her sister choti simar who you got married to as a bride just to fulfill her dream and for heaven sake Aarav choti simar was chosen by God as your wife and not her sister reema because they were many signs and now God as reunited you and choti simar as husband and wife and also Aarav if you don’t accept choti simar as your wife that God as blessed and chosen for you and your family as their daughter in law you and your family will regret it because she is deserved it better than her sister reema who doesn’t care about anyone but herself so you and your family have options to choose between the caring and loving and selfless person like choti simar who is your wife or her sister reema who doesn’t care about anyone but herself and also is the one that betrayed you and your family not her .


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