Sasural Simar Ka 2, 11th November 2021, Written Update, Geetanjali Devi Confronts Simar: Here we are with the written episode update of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” of 11 November 2021, the episode begins with Simar giving to meet her sister Roma. She gets so stunned to listen to this. Roma use to tell her and everything. “Roma tells her that her mother in law was torching her and her husband used to slap her.” then Simar gets stunned and she tells her to be calm and she must have to inform about everything thing to Maa and PaWe all are with your di and we will not going to let you fight alone.  I’m with you and I understand that how difficult this situation is for you.” Follow More Update On

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Other than this we will also see that Baadi Maa gets angry to know that her daughter had been side something like this. She tells Arav “I can’t believe that not daughter can ask for dowry. Isn’t she know that this is wrong and this step of her can ruin our image in society. Now there is the only way to stop this and for this, we have to talk to Romas.” Then Arav tells her that “you are behaving so selfish this is so wrong that you are only thinking about your image and reputation but not even once you have been thinking about the condition of Roma Bhabi.”

After this Baadi Maa use to taunt him for Simar then Reem cones there and she tells her plan fro which Baadi Maa get agree to with her. Then Simar talks to Roma and tells her to be strong and not to lose her hope. Meanwhile, Arav reaches the door, and Simar gets stunned to see him there. Reema and Baddi Maa also come there. Then Geetanjali Devi use to taunt Roma and Simar but Reema is there to take revenge on Simar and she started talking against her.

Meanwhile, Simar stops Baddi Maa to enter the house bur Reema yells at her and Arva says that “Simar is just trying to remove spikes and Arav stops her to do so he removes this with his hand’s and says now Baadi Maa can enter the house.” Later Reema taunts Simar’s abs says that she is not linked to Oswal’s family now and then Arav comes there and he defends Simar then. Simar also tells Reema to be patient as everything will be in front of her very soon. And the episode ends.


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