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Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th June 2021 full episode written update: Reema Pleads With Miss India’S Judges!


Today’s episode begins with Roma and Indu as they are so worried thinking what will happen now. They think that they can’t tell Avinash about it. Roma says that Geetanjali Devi doesn’t like Simar and if she gets to know that she is Samar. Gagan comes to them and tells them that Baraat has been arrived and gets shocked to see Simar in the wedding dress. Roma gets very angry that the sisters are thinking that the wedding is a joke or something. she asks what will they do now? Gagan says that he came here to tell Ladkewale has arrived. Indu scolds Simar.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Indu says that if she forgot her responsibilities when she allowed Reema to go from here. She says if this secret will reveal then the Narayan family has not faced so much insult and humiliation. Simar continuously trying to call Reema but the call disconnects every time. Here, Reema is trying hard to enter the contest but they don’t allow her and asks her to dress up properly. Reema enters the contest after so many efforts. she walks on the ramp. Avinash makes a call to Roma asking if everything alright. Roma lies to him and controls the situation.

Here, Devesh notices Reema walking on the ramp and gets amused. Indu questions Simar about Reema’s whereabouts. She asks what so important than her marriage. Simar tells her about the contest. Gagan questions from when these things are happening. Simar is so worried. Roma asks how can she think to wear this costume and let Reema go from here. Indu asks Simar to make a call to Reema but her phone is switched off. She asks Gagan to search for Reema. She says Chitra and Shobha don’t like her at all and if they get to know about all this, what will happen?

Shobha and Chitra are discussing their plan. Chitra says just wait and watch, what will she do today. Here, Reema walks on the ramp but the judges stop her and tell her that there is no wild card entry is mentioned. Devesh insults Reema. She tries to defend herself but they don’t listen to him. Judges ask to get her out of the contest. Gagan reaches the contest place but they don’t let him enter. Reema moves from there seeing Gagan there. Here, Baraat arrives, Geetanjali tells Badi Simar to asks everyone to come and starts the rituals. Indu starts crying as Reema is still not come.

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