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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 10th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Reema To Commit Suicide?


Today’s episode begins with Aarav as he wrote a note for Reema and keeps it in the gift which will give to Reema. Aarav sees that Badi Simar is seeing him. She praises him. Everyone comes to bless him. Geetanjali handovers a Khandani broch to Simar and asks her to attach it with his turban. Simar says to him that from today many things are going to change in his life. She tells her to give respect and love to his wife. Vivaan also comes there and congratulates Aarav for his wedding. Geetanjali reminds Aarav of her words which she told him last night.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Simar says to Reema that she didn’t want her to attend her marriage and now she wants her to wear her wedding dress. She refuses to do so. Reema keeps asking her to do but Simar denies doing this. Then Reema starts emotionally blackmail Simar. She comes with a knife and says that if she won’t do this for her then she will cut her wrist. She says to her that she wants to become Miss India since childhood. She says that she very well knows why she is not helping her because she is jealous of her. Simar agrees to do as she said. Reema makes her ready in her wedding dress.

Roma comes outside the room and asks her if she ready. Reema says that she will come by herself once get ready. Reema says to Simar that she will return in two hours. She leaves from there. Simar prays to God that to take care of the things. There, Avinash stops Reema but she leaves when he gets busy with something. Geetanjali tells Vivaan to leaving the Baraat. Chitra and Shobha are discussing their plan. Simar is very tensed about everything and waiting for Reema. She notices that the priest has started the rituals. Roma comes to Simar and asks her to come.

Everyone praises her for her outfit and beauty. Indu also does the same. Indu says that they will miss her when she goes after the wedding. Roma asks Simar for the final touch up but Simar says she will do it herself. Indu says her to forgive Simar and starts calling her. Suddenly, Indu sees Simar under the veil and removes it. She gets stunned to see her. They ask about Reema. Simar tells them everything. Indu asks what she did. She scolds her. Indu cries and prays to things get well. You can watch the upcoming episode of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” on Colors at 06:30 PM.

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