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‘Sara’s Malayalam Movie Twitter Review: Anna Ben & Sunny Performance Steals The Show for OTT Amazon Prime Fans!


The most anticipated Malayalam film is set to be released on the digital platform. The film is Sara’s which is all set to entice the audience through the ott platform. The maker of the film has been ready to entertain their audience through digital platforms. And also looking forward to making more profit. The film is directed by Jude Anthony Joseph and the lead star in the film are Anna Ben and Sunny Wayne.

‘Sara’s Malayalam Movie Review

‘Sara’s Malayalam Movie Review

The streaming platform for Sara’s is Amazon Prime Video. Yes, you have read it right. This will be going to amaze the viewers on the online platform. To watch the film need to take a subscription and it is affordable also. This is the medium budget film that has been delayed its theatrical release due to the second wave of covid. So, let us tell you that the lead starters in the film have been done a commendable job. So for all the south Indian movie lovers, this is the greatest news as now they can enjoy the film.

‘Sara’s Malayalam Movie Release Date and Time

The film is set to be released on Amazon Prime video on 5 July 2021. So, the wit of the Malayalam audience is over now and they can enjoy it at their home along with their family or solo. It is a romantic comedy-drama which for sure going to entertaining you and make laugh. The trailer of the film has been already released and the viewers have commented their opinions on the upcoming film.

‘Sara’s Malayalam Movie cast

  • Anna Ben
  • Sunny Wayne
  • Benny P Nayarambalam
  • Vineeth Sreenivasan
  • Mallika Sukumaran
  • Siddique
  • Vijayakumar
  • Aju Varghese
  • Siju Wilson
  • Srinda Arhaan
  • Jibu Jacob
  • Pradeep Kottayam

The response of the viewers is positive for the film. The storyline of the film is based on a girl whose name is Sra and she is working hard for her dreams whereas she has been portrayed as the most dedicated and hardworking girl.

‘Sara’s Malayalam Movie Twitter Review

The co-producer of the film s Murali  Dharanand Sntah Murali. There are some of the names of supporting roles Mallika Sukumaran, Aju Varghese, Siju Wilson, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Benny P Nayarambalamj, and Dhanya Varma. The entire script is written by Akshay Hareesh. So, don’t forget to watch the comedy thriller on July 5, 2021, only on Amazon Prime Video.

4 out of 5 stars for Sara’s.

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