Home Entertainment Santa Claus Arrested: Why was Santa Claus arrested in Germany? Explained

Santa Claus Arrested: Why was Santa Claus arrested in Germany? Explained


Santa Claus Arrested: Why was Santa Claus arrested in Germany? Explained: For the past two years, the entire world is fighting dangerous and lethal coronavirus diseases. Every year a new variant is appearing fore which is highly dangerous from its previous variant and by keeping the safety of the natives in mind World Health Organisation released the rules and the guidelines regarding this matter. Last year people strictly follow these rules but this year they are not taking these rules and regulations seriously and roaming without wearing a mask. As now third lethal COVID-19 variant cases are rising, the government of many countries is strictly taking actions against all those who are not following the rules and showing their carelessness in this regard. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Santa Claus arrested

Santa Claus Arrested

One such video appears online which draws the attention of the netizens as in the video, German police arresting “Santa Claus” at a Christmas market as he was not wearing a mask. The incident was caught on camera and has led to some funny comments on several social media sites. The strange incident, which left watchers to bewilder, happened at the Christmas market in Stralsund, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which is in Germany on Monday, 13th December 2021. Santa, dressed in his customary red and white robes and Christmas hat, had his face protected with a large fake beard, though this was deemed unsecured by German “Polizei” officers.

Why was Santa Claus arrested?

“Santa Claus” was then apprehended and dragged through the market. One social media user cheekily indicated that this must be fake news as the man “clearly is not the real Santa Claus!” One more user wrote, “I hate to devast your fantasy world but… This is NOT Santa Claus. This a guy in a Santa Claus costume who does not stick to the applicable measures refuses to identify himself and is therefore rightly taken away by the cops.”


Though, one user of Twitter did not watch the funny side, writing, “Germany has entirely lost its mind. Germany is going idiot and stupid at an unbelievably fast pace. You just can not make it up. The police officers responsible should be ashamed of themselves.” In connected news, on Sunday, 12th December 2021, police of Germany were watched using measuring distances between people collecting in the market using folding rulers. Natives need to understand the strictness of these rules as we already going through it and our small mistakes can put us in big trouble.

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