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Santa Clarita Fire Burleigh Heads National Park Caught With Fire Video Viral


At the popular tourist spot Burleigh Heads National Park, ther is fire and to control authorities spent a day and they will go to spend their more so thet the situation can be controlled by them as soon as possible. When a fire in bush emergency crew reached at the spot after 1:00 pm, on Sunday. There are crew members of firefighters sent to control the worst situation of teh place. Well in teh article further you will be going to grab the essential details of a horrifying incident.

Santa Clarita Fire Burleigh

Authorities aren’t aware of teh fact thet how the fire took place there but they stated that civilian interventions and weather conditions were creating issues in teh operations. Is the most popular and highly known landmark Jellurgal which is on teh Gold coast, became popular by teh tourists and locals. While a fire raged there ‘were numerous tourists enjoying at the post but has been left the spot and they all are safe. Later the crew members of the fire station blocked all teh pathways along with the park. At Burleigh Heads QFES, issued teh warning of smoke and the roads were also choked with teh smoke.

At 4:00 pm waterbombers were reached there and air operation also ceased just after drome was launched by civilians over the area. Police are still investigating whether it just happened due to some issues or had been done by someone intentionally. The police investigation is ongoing and personnel unveiled that there were cocktails of bad c condition, and the strong wind, while these two were making teh operation tough and difficult.

Queensland Environment tweeted that, “Burleigh Head NP is now close due to the terrible and uncontrollable fore which has been done safely within the containment lines. The park will be going to be open once it will be safe or deemed to do so.” He also mentions that, “the area isn’t safe yet, as ther is a smoke and the local must keep their windows and doors close.”

Mr. McGhee said that “, it is difficult to drive in an area as it is filled with a lot of smoke and it’s hard to face it.” People are waiting for the reopening of the park.

Stay tuned to us to grab further information on the same.

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