Home Sports Sanfl Finals: Eagles Win U18 Torrens University Cup Grand Final

Sanfl Finals: Eagles Win U18 Torrens University Cup Grand Final


Sanfl Finals: Eagles Win U18 Torrens University Cup Grand Final: The team is coming off with an impressive 43 point win against North in the Elimination Final, the panthers were pretty impressive as they managed to contain themselves with every change, they have sent Redlegs out of the major round in straight sets, they even lost their star veteran naming Matthew Broadbent because of a hamstring strain which occurred in the first half.

Sanfl Finals

Sanfl Finals

South has managed to enter the consecutive preliminary final and this has happened for the first time since 1964-1965 as the key forward Daniel Nobes has nailed a difference as he has made four goals, Nobes was the one who ensured the efficiency was high as the team recorded 10 fewer inside the 50s but they managed to kick nine more scoring shots as the teammates naming Eamon Wilkinson and Joel Cross, they pitched in with two goals each.

Cross’s second major has opened up a commanding 31 point lead which happened in three-quarter time, Norwood lost ruckman Michael Knoll who had a knee injury at the time of pre-match and he refused to roll over at the time.

The match was truly exceptional and it seems like it is going to be a fun ride for the team, they have been exceptional throughout the tournament and if they keep on playing like this then this season is going to be under their grabs, they have done a lot of hard work which is evident as we see them on the field.

The fans are pretty happy with their performances, the team is all about teamwork, this has made them one of the most lethal teams in the league and they have shown time and again how dominant they are in the league. They have been one of the best and they have shown this time and again.

The league has gotten interesting and it seems like they are going to be playing one of the best teams in their next match, we hope to see them at their best in the next match, it is going to be pretty fun to watch both of them. The next match is going to be more than just a match, it is going to be about the hard work the teams have put in this season and it is going to be pretty fun to watch them in action.

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