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Sanchari Vijay Death Reason: Kannada Actor Sanchari Vijay Declared Brain Dead, Family to Donate Organs!


The renowned Kannada actor Sanchari Vijay has met with an accident as him and one of his friends was returning to their place as they were coming back from a chemist shop after buying some medicines, their bike got skid and then it went on to hit an electric pole which happened in Bengaluru in JP Nagar.

Sanchari Vijay Death Reason

Sanchari Vijay Death Reason

The Latest Exclusive News Coming From Sanchari Vijay Family want to Donate Sanchari Vijay Organs after Huge Loss of Sanchari Vijay.

And it seems like that the actor has suffered some serious injuries after the horrendous accident that he went through on Saturday night, it has been stated that the national award winner went on to buy some medicines with his friend on a bike and as they were returning to their premises, the bike got skid and it an electric pole which was near the L&T South City in 7th phase at 11:45 pm which took place on Saturday, this has been reported by Times of India and it has also been stated that he was pillion driver and his friend was the one who was driving the two-wheeler.

It is being stated that the actor is in the intensive care unit(ICU) as his condition is pretty critical, he is admitted to the Apollo Hospital, it has been reported that he has suffered major injuries on his head and his legs and his friend has fractured his leg, Vijay is on a ventilator as he is having internal bleeding in his brain which is according to Deccan Herald. Dr. Arun Nayak who is a neurosurgeon and is the person who is treating the actor, has stated to the media that the actor is in a critical condition as he stated that when they received him in the emergency department, he was in a critical condition at that time only and then they went on with a CT scan which has shown that there is a critical injury in his brain as he is bleeding internally,

He further stated that they have done an immediate brain surgery so that they can remove the brain hemorrhage and now he is in the Neuro ICU on full life support, he has stated that the actor is in a coma for now and the next 48 hours are going to be very crucial for him as he ended by saying that they are taking care of him constantly and are doing their best to provide him with the best possible treatment. The complaint has been filed against the friend who was driving the bike which has been filed by the brother of Vijay Siddesh Kuma as he has stated that Vijay’s friend was pretty reckless while driving the bike.

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