Home Entertainment Samuel Johnson Accident: Johnson reveals he nearly died after shock car crash

Samuel Johnson Accident: Johnson reveals he nearly died after shock car crash


Samuel Johnson Accident: Johnson reveals he nearly died after a shock car crash: There has been a revelation by Samuel Johnson as he almost died when he accidentally got struck by a car in Melbourne in the month of June this year, on Sunday, the actor spoke about the terrifying incident for the first time as he gave an interview to the Herald Sun, he stated the accident has left him with several major injuries.

Samuel Johnson Accident

Samuel Johnson Accident

The injuries include a fractured skull and a broken neck, Samuel is at the age of 44, he has stated that his surviving the accident is a miracle, he further stated, it was near to death experience for him, he further stated he is a little bit of a miracle child and he doesn’t use the M-word lightly.

It seems like Johnson was driving to the relative’s house on 19th June when he pulled over and he crossed the road to relieve himself as he was bursting and he never thought that he could have waited an extra half hour, as he went on to return his vehicle, he got struck by a car.

Sam says that he suffered bleeding on the brain, he injured the ligaments of his neck, he partially dislocated his jaw and he has suffered deep bruising down the side of his body, he had a 13 mm fracture to his skull and he fractured his C1 vertebra in my neck which happened around the same time when his sister and family had arrived.

Samuel Johnson Accident

His recovery has been slow, he has spent two weeks at the Alfred hospital and he has spent four and a half weeks at the Epworth Hospital in rehabilitation, it has been stated Sam, was more than grateful to the doctors, specialists, nurses and staff who cared for him at the time of his recovery.

He stated, he saw them as the real heroes before he had the accident, he further stated, everyone can imagine how highly he feels about them, he stated he has had the best care in the world and he has had great outcomes so he feels a little gushy, it seems like he has escaped death and we hope that he recovers soon.

It is pretty sad that this has happened to the guy but he seems to be recovering right now, he is going to be discharged in no time and it seems like that the fans are pretty happy about him.

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