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Samsung Repeats Mistake Again – Posts An iPhone Photos On Community Page


As you already know that we are all surrounded by gadgets. If we do not use gadgets then our life will stop. Many users use devices like phones, laptops, etc. If we don’t have any it will be impossible to work. Our whole life will depend on these gadgets. Recently, such news has been seen where Samsung made a big mistake while launching the phone in the market. People were disappointed with Samsung and wanted to know why they could make such a big mistake. They have to double-check it while releasing the phone. So many people have pointed out the mistake and they are sharing it on social media platforms. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


According to reports, a Samsung community manager in South Korea posted a banner on the Members app to promote Samsung One UI Galaxy themes. The manager used an iPhone picture in a promotional campaign for the Samsung Members app. The mistake was noticed by the Samsung community and they are very quick to admit their mistake. He wrote, Hello this is Galaxy Store. The person in charge made a mistake during the process of modifying the design source file. The banner image will be changed and it will definitely change today. Thank you for your interest in Galaxy Service. We will try our best to provide a better service to our customers and we hope that this mistake will not happen again in the future.

Through this message, they are simply apologizing for their mistake and can do anything for their customers. After reading this, people come to know that the mistake was made by a Samsung employee. Hope the matter gets resolved. If this is taken on a large scale then it will be impossible to handle the pressure of customers coming from different social media platforms. Usually, in this scenario, the company tries to resolve the matter as soon as possible. And they will discover a whose fault in this. After all, Samsung is a big company and they don’t want to make a big issue inside the company. Nevertheless, we inform you who made the mistake. We have so much information, if anything comes up, we will definitely inform you. Till then follow this site.

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