The virtual assistant naming Samantha has gone completely viral on the internet because of how stunning the people are finding her looks, for the most part, Sam is just a concept at this point, it is definitely an artificial intelligence that has been designed by a world-renowned company Light farm which is known globally for the visual arts production and has also won the award of LIA Grand Prix and the company is itself owned by Samsung.

Samsung Assistant Sam

How To Use Samsung Assistant Sam

Artificial intelligence has been created by them so obviously, there could be a scenario where it can replace Bixby which is the current artificial virtual intelligence which is being used by Samsung in their devices but  there has been an announcement by Samsung about having a new artificial virtual intelligence but they have also confirmed that Sam is not they are hoping for and it is not going to replace Bixby, they have clearly stated that it is just the Samsung’s chat box and it seems like that, (Read More: Samsung Galaxy Sam Virtual Assistant, Gender, Release Date, Details Explained!)

The company has stated it pretty clear that they are not going to replace Bixby with Sam as they have said that the AI is going to be used as a chatbot of the Samsung’s service team and that is going to be the case when the users are going to try to connect with Samsung via Facebook, Instagram or any other platform and they have also stated that depending on the location of the user they are going to change the looks of Sam as it has been stated in the official promotion of the customer service of Samsung. (Read More: Who is Samsung Girl? Samsung Sam Virtual Assistant Characters, Age, Name, Rule, Reddit (Updated) )

Samsung Assistant Sam Wallpaper (HD)

Samsung Assistant Sam Wallpaper Samsung Assistant Sam Wallpaper Samsung Assistant Sam

Samsung Assistant Sam Wallpaper

The last point is going to clear the minds of most of the people as it is being stated by the company that the pictures that have been shared on the internet are just one of the avatars of Sam as they are going to be designing Sam according to the different markets and the pictures were just a 3D version of the already existing 2D version of Sam so it seems like that Samsung has cleared the air by answering the doubts of the users and it seems like that they are going to come up with a new AI which will be the successor Bixby but that is not going to be Sam as it has been stated by the company itself and now the internet can finally get over her as the obsession was just increasing on the internet and it seems like that this is going to vague off the effect.



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