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Samrat Prithviraj Box Office Collection Prediction Day 1: Akshay Kumar’s Historical Film


Samrat Prithviraj Box Office Collection Prediction Day 1: Akshay Kumar’s Historical Film: Recently there is a news circulating among people and become a topic of discussion and debate among fans as the news is of interest to many people and people search for details on the internet this search expedition made the news go viral on the internet which becomes trending on social media platforms and major news sources. it is in the air that there is going to be a big clash between three major film producers and the release of three big banner and starter movies are going to be released in the same month, in a very close period which will make a clash and audience will be divided among them here below you will find the details and release dates. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Samrat Prithviraj Box Office Collection

Three big banner films news of which are trending on internet social media platforms and news headlines are kamal Hasan’s much-awaited action drama, Vikram, Akshay Kumar’s Prithviraj, and Adivi Sesh’s biopic movie Major, all these big fans following movies are going to be released in the same date a d this is making a conflicting argument between the fans as which will be the best and which they should go to watch as this clash is trending on internet and box office predictions are assumed to be the only tie-breaking news as all there has a huge fan following and box office review will decide which of the three had received the most of love as the major no of fan who goes to the theater for the show choose to watch which of the movie and what are the reviews coming from the people prior show.

Throughout the news Box office prediction are trending for the pre details on the movie Kamal Haasan’s Vikram which is estimated at 15cr on opening total of  25cr poised to dominate through the shoes, uphill struggle for Akshay Kumar’s Prithviraj estimated a business of  9 cr as which reduce after the first-day estimation business of 10 cr total, Adivi Sesh’s biopic Major is estimated to 5 to 6 cr. all three are set to release this Friday, full Friday, June 3, 2022, is booked for an entertainment buster,  as box office in India is facing three major release of movies, kamal has action drama, Vikram,  producer of Vikram G Dhananjay, the movie is catching eyes for many reasons, Vikram is also the  comeback of Kamal Hassan with a hit after a period of 4-year, big gap since his last success, was vishwaroopam on May 1, 2013, and this time feel like ages Vishwaroopam, movie which generated a lot of controversies,

All 4 shows on Friday in Tamil Nadu are a house full for Vikram, a most awaited movie by fans, as a big star movie doesn’t  ensure big openings o the box office as fans these days know the content they want to watch and the back to back hits from south India movies also a reason RRR, and KGF, are the recent hits, out of 1100 odd screen in Tamilnadu Vikram  is available on 800, as booked only for Vikram and 400 screen of which will release in Vikram in Telugu version, and remaining will be shared between  major and Samrat Prithviraj all these three big movies releasing this month only,

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