We all are extremely waiting for sam jay’s Netflix special 3 but still, we have two weeks before his Netflix special 3 in the morning debut. It will stream on its OTT platform. we all are keen to watch this, therefore, we can’t wait to watch it. And just to hold us until it comes out, therefore, the official trailer for the Dorchester native’s newest slate of material has out now, and it only arrived to pumped us more to know that what she has now in her store for us.

Sam Jay 3 Official Trailer

Sam jay is an American comedian and writer. She is a staff writer of Saturday Night Live which is an American late-night television comedy show which is created by Lorne Micheals and developed by dick Ebersol. She has performed stand up in jimmy Kimmel live which is an American late-night show which is created and also hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

Sam has also performed in Comedy central stand-up presents also known as The Half Hour, which is an American stand-up comedy television series that airs on Comedy Central in the United States. This program features several American stands up comedians in it’s every episode. The trailer clip of 1:43 seconds gave us a good dose so that we can be more enthusiastic about the video of Sam’s raw comedy and the brutally honest packed comedy. The trailer of her new upcoming video has reached


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