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Salmonella Outbreak Italian Style Meats


There has been a case of dozens of people getting hospitalized because of the consumption of salmonella and there are about 2 dozen people who are sickened because of this, if we talk about 24th August, there have been two strains of salmonella, this has been announced by centers of prevention and disease control on Wednesday.

Salmonella Outbreak Italian Style Meats

Salmonella Outbreak Italian Style Meats

The people who have been reported as sick were eating prosciutto, salami, and other deli meats which can be found in charcuterie or antipasto assortments which was the case before the illness. It has been stated by CDS, the investigating team is working hard to identify the specific contaminated products and they are trying to determine if the two outbreaks are linked to the same food source.

It has been further until it gets identified as to which Italian style meat is making people sick, all of the Italian meat styles are going to get heat up by setting up the temperature as 165 or until it gets steaming hot before you eat the meat if your risk is higher.

It has been further stated, the chances of a person getting sick from severe salmonella are higher if the age of the person is mere than 65 years of age, if they have immune comprising condition or if they have a chronic health disease.

It has been further stated to take any kind of medication which is going to lower your immunity and the ability of the body to fight germs, the children who are younger than 5 years of age are also having a chance of getting sick from Salmonella.


It has been stated, the outbreak of the infection is likely going to be higher, it has been stated it can take up to two weeks for the reports of illness to be alerted as it has been stated by CDC, there could be many people who have a mild illness which is reported as of yet.

A strain naming Typhimurium has infected about 23 people from 14 different states which started off from the end of May and went on till 27th July, it has also been found by laboratory testing, 20 of the cases were resistant to common antibiotics which are streptomycin, chloramphenicol, tetracycline, and sulfamethoxazole.

The states which are involving in the outbreak are Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Minnesota, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maryland, Indiana, and Virginia are the states which are the part of this outbreak.

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