Salman Khan’s fans are super excited wh they get to know about his upcoming film “Dhoom 4”. It will be the happiest moment for the actor of launching his movies just after the lockdown. The actor ‘has been posted a poster of his upcoming film on the social media platform from his official account. The fans of Salaman Khan are all set to watch the film and they are congratulating him on social media for his upcoming film.

Salman Khan Dhoom 4

Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar in ‘Dhoom 4’

The poster has been consists of the name of the upcoming film and the producer’s name along with the production house of the film. Let us tell you that it is just a fan-made poster that is getting viral on the internet. While there is no announcement made by Yash Raj Poster (YRF). There lots more to be revealed about the film. It is going to be an action movie which is clear by its name.

While some of Slama’s fan is still unaware that the fake poster and real one are yet to be unveiled. Seeing Slaman in the Dhoom 4 will be the most entertaining and interesting to see him in the film. His fans are ‘also curious to know about the entire cast of the forthcoming film Dhoom 4. The first version of Dhoom was released on 27 August 2004. It is the most hit at the box office. Not only this the film is one of the second largest, franchise. This is the Yash Raj Distribution.

While some of the fans are also claiming that ‘Alshya 0Kumar will also be casting in the forthcoming “Dhoom 4” film. Whereas fams of Akahay is also curious to see him in the action thriller. The cast of Akshay in the upcoming film is yet to be confirmed.

Fans took tweeter and keep on tweeting about the poster:-



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