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Salman Khan Breaks Silence on Criticism from Sushant Singh Rajput’s Fans on Twitter


Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise was shocking to the entire film fraternity as well as for his fans. The young and talented actor was going through depression and had no one by his side to talk about what he was going through. This absence made him take such a big step in ending his own life. His death has been really tough on his family as well as those who were close to him.

Since his death, social media and the netizens have been playing the blame game. After his death, the media brought up the topic of nepotism and favouritism into the picture. The media also backlashed some celebrities accusing them of bullying the newcomers in the industry. Some names which were targeted here, in this case, were Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt, Salman Khan, Ekta Kapoor, and some others.

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Kangana Ranaut was also seen in some viral videos taking a stand for the dead actor and accusing the following names of bullying and boycotting him from the industry. Kangana was also seen taking out her rage on how nepotism works in Bollywood and how it affects the new and upcoming stars in their careers. She made this one of the reasons why Sushant felt that he was alone in the industry with no Godfather and he won’t be accepted ever in Bollywood just like other celebrities. The reasons why Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide is still unknown.

After Sushant’s death, the netizens have been intentionally targeting some stars and trolling them. It went to the extent that the celebrities had to quit from social media in order to stay away from all the negativity which have been going around.

Recently Salman Khan came out and spoke on this topic. He is also among the one who has been targeted in the actor’s death. Bihar court has filed a petition against him and some more stars alleging them of bullying Sushant and spoiling his career.

Salman Khan recently tweeted showing his condolences for Sushant. The Dabang Khan requested his fans to support Sushant’s fans and understand the sensitivity of the situation. He asked his fans to stand with Sushant’s fans and support them as this is a very hard time for them. Salman also urged his fans to not to take to heart all the rage and strong reactions coming from Sushant’s fans. He asked everyone to understand the pain they have been going through.

Social media did not support Salman’s condolence and backlashed him for this and trolled him. Some people even took screenshots of the post and criticized him for making comments on the late actor.

In Bihar, Salman faced the most and severe backlash. Stores of Being Human were burnt and the demonstration took place against the actor.

Seeing all, some of the close friends of Salman decided to quit social media. Sonakshi Sharma, Saqib Saleem, and Aayush Sharma left Twitter and decided to stay away from all negativity that has been going around. The actor’s death and then people making it a subject to backlash other actors is just too much to take.

No one knows what Sushant was going through and making his death such a subject to criticize others is even worse. Losing a son is painful enough, on that seeing such posts every day on social media, no one can even imagine what his family might be going through now.

Hopefully, people understand the sensitivity of the subject and stop making it a topic for gossip and controversy.

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