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Saipem 7000 Accident: Block Wire Breaks During Tests On Saipem 7000


Saipem 7000 Accident: As per the latest reports, one of the largest crane ships in the plane has suffered considerable damage after partially capsizing in Norway. The Saipem 7000 was left tilting on its side after the accident on Thursday morning, 14th April 2022 opposite the southwestern port of Stavanger. After reporting this incident, police commissioner Brit Randulff informed AFP that “A steel cable broke at the time of the loading operation. Witnesses heard a deafening bang, but there was no indication of an explosion.” Keep on reading to know more about this accident. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Saipem 7000 Accident

Saipem 7000 Accident

Saipem 7000, the giant semi-submersible crane vessel of Saipem has been titled in a fjord in Norway with around 275 people abroad. As per the Norwegian news outlet VG quoting eyewitness statements, “loud bangs” were heard prior to the vessel began to tilt in Amoyfjorden outside Stavanger, a hub of the offshore oil industry of Norway. The accident happened at the time of the lift in the morning hours.


VG further asserted that there were 275 people on board but that they were all accounted for. Local cops stated that no one was wounded or missing in the incident and that a probe is underway to watch if there has been pollution in the sea as a consequence of the accident. Rescue leader in the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre for Southern Norway Owe Froland stated that he was in contact with the Saipem 7000 crane vessel crew and that they declared to him that some of the lifting equipment on the crane ship failed, which direct to them being titled.

This might mean that there is some demolition floating in the fjord. As per the Southern Norway rescue center, barges next to crane vessels imposed major damage and are capsized. They also observed that a lot of public saviors were put on standby. Bystanders also informed VG that it comes up as if the Saipem 7000 is sinking as some parts are getting closer to the water. The Saipem 7000 was titled only a day after it departed the Seagreen offshore wind farm.

The ship was being used for the transport and installation of jacket foundations at the 1,075 MW Seagreen offshore wind farm which is in Scotland, owned by SSE Renewables and Total Energies. The ship left the offshore wind farm site on Wednesday for planned maintenance with a plan to come back later this month. The Saipem 700 semi-submersible crane vessel has the capacity to handle the whole workshop of offshore construction developments, encompassing pipelaying in water depths larger than 6,500 feet and heavy lift operations up to 14,000 tons.

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