We are back with the written update of Star Plus serial named Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2. Episode begins with Kanak denies having food with Gehna. Kanak says Bapuji that she doesn’t want to disobey him. But if Gehna will have food with us on dining chair, I will not have food on this dining. Paresh asks what is the problem in that? Gehna is also a part of their family. Gehna says to Kanak that don’t leave food because of her. Gehna says I will go to the kitchen and have food there. Bapuji stops her.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2

Later, Anant says He will have food where his wife have food and sit with her in the kitchen. Anant says no one gets his without  fight, everyone has to fight for it. Bapuji says Gehna earns more respect today. Bapuji also joins her in the kitchen. Gehna asks Bapuji that why he is sitting with them. Bapuji says if the house’s Laxmi is sitting on the floor then how we sit on the table. Paresh and Tiya also sits with them. Children also want to join them. But Kanak scolds them. Baa comes and says what is going on in my house? Baa walks towards the garden.

Hema and Kanak walks behind her and provokes her against Gehna. Kanak says that we thought that only Anant changed after marriage. But Gehna changed everyone and take them by her side. Kanak says Bapuji is not a child, he should understand. But he is also gone mad. Baa Slaps her and say never disrespect my husband. And leaves from there. Kanak gets angry and says she have to pay for this. Kanak says I will punish Baa and Gehna very badly.

Anant asks Gehna where is my office file. She says file is in the almirah. Anant says to Gehna that she can keep her clothes in his almirah. Gehna says but it’s yours. Anant says she is his wife. we can share our things with each other. Later, Anant’s wallet falls on the floor. Gehna sees Radhika’s photo in his wallet. On the other side, Kanak plans Anant’s birthday party and plan to insult Gehna at the party. Gehna feels bad and says Anant gives her place in his life but not in his heart.


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