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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, 20th April 2021, Written Update: Radhika Evil Plan Succeeds


Here we are with the written episode update “Sath Nibhana Sathiya” of 19th April 2021. The episode begins with everyone is sitting at the finding and enjoying the food meanwhile, Tia says “not going with Radhika nad Ghenna si my good decision as Bhai and Radhika will get some time to spent together.” Tia gets the call from Hemma Bhabhi and she tells her that there is something wrong here Radhika’s husband is Vineet Virani and the call on is speakers hence everyone listens to their conversation and they get shocked.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Annat use to stare at Radhika and he wonders “what she tells me about Vineet was correct or not.” Meanwhile, Vineet asks Annnad where you and Radhika are friends. Pankaj is about to tell him the truth but Knnank stops him, to tell the truth. Then Vinnet uses to kiss Radhika’s hand and everyone use to remain stunned. Later Gehna looks at Annad and she wonders whether he is getting jealous of seeing Radhika and Vineet.

While Gehenna tries to remove food from the chin of Ammsd which makes Radhika feel jealous of them. Vineet uses to tell everyone about his journey and says from now I will not be going to serve anyone as I’m going to run a business. While Radhika and Kanka use to smile at each other and wonder Vineet is going to become a fool. Radhika says “Vineet is thinking that everything is going to set but he doesn’t know that I will be going to make his life hell.”

Later Radhika makes Gehnna fall and the painting has been fall on the floor which breaks then Vineet gets angry at Gehnna and he uses to call her stupid lady Anand gets angry listening to him and he confronts Vineet. Both get into heated arguments. Radhika uses to enjoy their argument and she is feeling happy inside. And Gehnna uses to clean the piece of glasses and Radhika takes Vineet inside the room and she fills Vineets ea against Gehnna.

He is in so much anger and says that girl has damaged the last thing of my mother. On the other side, Annat says to Radhika that they will not go let me marry this man as he is a bad person he doesn’t even know how to respect girls. Radhika gets happy listening to him and wonders finally my plan is succeeding thank god. Watch the full episode on Star Plus.

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