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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2, 12th June 2021, Written Update, Anant Jealous Of Krishna


In the new episode of the serial, you are going to see Param who is giving a suggestion to Krishna as he tells him to stay intact in the house if he is planning to stay in Surat for about a month as Krishna is speaking her what he is thinking is his mind and he further stated that he is going to bring all of the bags which are at the hotel tomorrow as stated further that he is going to meet him in the market and when Krishna left Hiral is asking Paresh that why has he asked Krishna to stay here in the house for a month as everyone is not happy about this and are fuming.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

In the next scene, you are going to see Anant as he is asking everyone that why did he allow him to stay here and that too for a whole month and then Paresh starts singing a song, and through that, he is telling everyone that he has been thinking and why he told him to stay here and then Anant further stated that Gehna is also going to miss her studies if Krishna comes here as they are going to go for shopping and then Tia is taunting him and stating that Krishna is pretty handsome as he even has 8 pack abs and then Anant is seeing getting jealous after that statement,

As he hs also returned after working out in the morning and he is thinking to himself that he is also a fit guy and then he Gehna as she is studying in her room with full concentration and then she went on to ask her whether she has gone for shopping or not and then she stated that this cannot be a routine as she cannot afford to miss her studies every day and after hearing that he got pretty happy about what she has just stated to him.

In the next scene,  you are going to see Hema as she is video calling Kanak and she is informing that what is happening here in the Desai house and then Jigna is yelling that she is going to punish Gehna no matter what as she needs to face the repercussions for the same as Anand is teaching her as she is pronouncing storm with a wrong accent and then he is seeing teaching her to say it perfectly and then she further tells him that they should watch a movie now as he tells her that he trying to teach her and she wants to watch a movie.

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